Romo is thrilled to be celebrating 120 years of fabric expertise at The BCFA OPEN Berlin. Romo, the founding brand of The Romo Group, has created a compendium of exquisite qualities, combining contemporary designs with timeless classics, paying homage to late 19th century prints and the grandeur of stately homes of the past.

Launched at the beginning of April, Pluma decorative prints and embroideries effortlessly demonstrate the emotive power of design.

Exuding a carefree romanticism, Pluma narrates a blissful fairy tale that ushers in the wonder of nature and all it has to offer. A nod to the eclecticism of stately homes swathed in decadent designs from across the globe, this decorative collection takes inspiration from cultural influences and artistic direction from late 19th century documents.

Featuring intricate prints and embroideries, traditional details have been reimagined for the 21st century, as swirling florals and graceful birds transfix the eye and envelop the senses in a magical surrounding.

“The designs and qualities found in the Pluma collection offer decadence and desirability, as well as a feeling of elegance and sophistication.”
Emily Mould, Director of Design and Excellence

You can explore Romo’s beautiful range, and more, at The BCFA OPEN Berlin.