1. Why have you chosen to exhibit at BCFA Open Berlin?

BCFA events are always a brilliant opportunity to showcase our latest products and see the most exciting new developments in the industry and, as this show is part of Berlin Design Week, there’ll be a great atmosphere – with the whole city coming together to celebrate design and innovation!


2. Can you tell us a bit about your main product(s) that you will be discussing at the event?

At this year’s event, we’re delighted to present Oceanic – our very first textile to include plastic marine waste. Woven entirely from recycled plastic taken from the sea and rescued from the land, Oceanic is a fabric born of the SEAQUAL Initiative to achieve a waste free environment. One small drop in the mission to clean both the earth and its ocean, this contemporary fabric is a polyester with a purpose.


3. What inspired Oceanic? Can you tell us about its design?

Originally inspired by the shocking fact that, every year, 12 million tonnes of plastic enter our oceans, we’re proud to say that for every 2 kgs (4 metres) of Oceanic fabric sold, 1kg of waste is removed from the ocean.

Delicately dyed using cationic yarn, this multi-tonal textile combines and contrasts a light warp with a deeply saturated weft. With an intricate twill weave, this visual detail creates a subtle pattern – enhancing both the considered colour and careful construction of the fabric.