1. Why have you chosen to exhibit at BCFA Open Berlin?

Berlin is a vibrant city with many development and construction projects, ongoing and future, making the city an “it” place for architects and interior designers alike. Getting the opportunity to exhibit at the BCFA Open Berlin show in such an iconic building as the British Embassy in proximity of the Brandenburger Gate, sums up the dynamics of the city. Also the BCFA Open pop up events are short, targeted and extremely focused events, making them ideal meet up face to face with so many professionals in the short period of time in today’s busy world.

3. Can you tell us a bit about your main product(s) that you will be discussing at the event?

We will showcase some distinguished permanently flame retardant Trevira CS fabrics from our customers showing the diversity of Trevira CS fabrics, the multiple design and style opportunities that can all be achieved with Trevira CS.

4. Who is the designer responsible for the range you will be showcasing? And what inspired the design?

As a fibre manufacturer, we lay the first stepping stones for design possibilities of the fabrics. Thanks to our yarn customers and partners, who offer spun yarns and various filament fancy yarns, the design possibilities with our modified flame retardant polyester have skyrocketed, enabling fabric products to imitate the look of silk, cotton, wool, and linen plus produce technical and functional materials with acoustic properties too, for example. The true designers of Trevira CS fabrics are all of them – the yarn producers, the mills and textile houses.

5. What are you most looking forward to about the event and why?

We are excited to meet up with some key interior designers and architects in a boutique, small yet very focused event where not the size but quality and contacts matter, and all of this in an atmosphere of iconic yet historic, vibrant Berlin.