Ulster Carpets will be showcasing The Art of Ulster at the BCFA Berlin Open on Tuesday, May 17th.

With world-leading carpet designers based in their offices across the world, every day the leading manufacturer creates The Art of Ulster – a concept that is all about utilising the large canvas that flooring offers to create statement designs that resonate with guests.

Ulster have been able to perfectly balance the talents of their designers with their patented weaving technology, PSYLOTM, to provide bespoke carpet designs that are only limited by your imagination.

These uniquely designed carpets feature in some of the world’s leading hotels, casinos and cruise ships. As well as looking good, the wool-rich carpets also incorporate essential factors such as durability and practicality.

Ulster also have a comprehensive Contract Stock collection that includes a wide range of design styles suitable for a variety of different settings within the hospitality sector.

The quality of their products is matched by the highest levels of service. Ulster have a dedicated team based in Germany with extensive experience of working closely with Europe’s top interior designers, buyers, hotel owners, interior architects and specifiers.