Ulster Carpets is one of just 40 high end British manufacturers exhibiting at the ArtTrium conference space at the British Embassy Berlin where our German sales team will connect with leading European interior designers, buyers, interior architects and specifiers working in the commercial sector.


With a strong European presence, Ulster’s ability to create flooring works of art with unprecedented depth, texture and colour means the company has quickly forged a reputation for quality and service within the hospitality sector across the continent.

With a dedicated team based in Germany, Ulster’s experienced sales and design staff work closely with customers to ensure that we can meet their specific requirements not just on design but also the essential factors of durability and practicality.

From large statement designs to subtle aesthetics, the only limit to a bespoke carpet design from Ulster is your imagination. A recent example of this is the bespoke design at the prestigious Ritz-Carlton Berlin that recaptures the essence of the 1920s and Art Deco architecture.

Epitomised by a sophisticated colour palette that blends champagne, chrome and muted grey, Ulster’s design team infused the exciting vision of acclaimed interior design firm, G.A Group, into the carpet design.

In addition to bespoke carpet designs, Ulster also offer an extensive stock collection suitable for a range of different design requirements created to meet the demands of the contract sector.

Visit the Ulster team at Stand 15 to learn more about the premier supplier of Axminster and Wilton carpets to the world market.